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Screening (The livings)
Without invitation, Jianan Qu randomly enters an exhibition space, performing as a black screen, moving through the exhibition; offering new space presentations, temporarily reestablishing the connections between the artworks.
The work aims to open up the possibilities of different interpretations and understandings of the artworks and the exhibition topic. By the end of the performance, Jianan Qu often asks people to interpret this work in connection to the exhibition topic, in this case, the visitor’s interpretations become the concept of the project.

Documentation: Dominik Galleya, Sonia Borkowicz
Performance / 2015


The livings
- A series of performance work for the art space
In the series, The livings, Jianan Qu performs in the blank spaces that surround art works. In so doing he asks: Could the act of observing art be turned into art itself? What makes the art space perform? How can we approach the accompanying descriptive text in these spaces?
This rethinking of the space for art is not only conceptual, but also physical and visual. By providing artistic answers to theoretical questions with the works screening, view/ers, paperplane, Jianan Qu opens up new areas for understanding, alongside possible misunderstandings, that relate to the white cube.