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Are you lonesome tonight?

A dialogue in limited space, more precisely, within two interconnected chambers. While one fills up, the other empties. As a body materialises inside the vacuum packaging, abstract music emerges in concert. Two planets are locked together, each dependent on themselves but also upon the other. In between stands a closed gate. Air acts as the carrier and intermediary.
Pneumatic variations of music and movement stretch the twin dimensions between their widest possible and their closest, tightest form.

Concept & idea, artistic direction: Ursula Klein, Jianan Qu, Hannes Löschel
Ursula Klein: Environment
Jianan Qu: Choreography
Vilte Svarplyte: Performance
Hannes Löschl: extended Harmonium

Video: Andi Kurz

Duration: 25 mins

Performance installation/O.K. Center Linz/ 2014