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view/ers (The livings)

The museum is the meeting place for art and people, the artworks are there to be observed. But could the observation be turned into an art itself? Could it make us face each other? Qu challenges the possible roles of being a viewer, establishes a reflective, sensible atmosphere and turns the museum space into a live platform of activities and happenings.
Are we in front of art or are we in front of each other?

Erika Fransson
Pille-Riin Jaik
Paula Dominici
Lior Lazarof
E Mourlam
Simone Einfalt
Madeleine Schrabauer
Lori Baldwin
Sonia Borkowicz
Kuba Borkowicz
Documentation, Video & Editing: Dominik Galleya, Sonia Borkowicz
Performance/ Ludwig Museum Budapest / 2016-2017